Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jeopardy Cheat Sheet

Dear Sunday School Class,

I hope you decided to prepare for our game of 183 Annual General Conference Jeopardy tomorrow, because if I win, I'm going to eat all of the treats.  

Here are things I would look up, or read about on the church's conference website, 

Remember, you can use any of the notes you have in your class notebooks, but you can't use any phones, tablets, or ipods.

  • Who were the speakers during the sessions, their names, and leadership positions.
  • Any talks given by the Prophet, especially any interesting childhood stories.
  • The color of the choir's dresses and ties, and maybe the ties of the general authorities too while you're looking.
  • Someone used a book as a prop during his talk, I would write that down.
  • Statistics for last year that were given during Saturday Afternoon session, there might be multiple questions from those, and bonus points.
  • Did anyone else notice that Elder Uchtdorf wore two different ties on Sunday? I wonder what color they were?
  • Did you know my favorite Church movie is Finding Faith in Christ? 
  • I loved Elder Falabella's story about his wife and his trip to the United States to get sealed in the temple.
  • Did you see the YW session from the saturday before? If not you should check into Elder Uchtdorf and Sister Cook's talks.
  • I love reading and listening to the Priesthood Session talks, President Monson must know we're learning to be better teachers when he said, "Teach the truth with TESTIMONY."
  • And President Uchtdorf gave a great list of 4 roles the priesthood have. 

Good luck!!!